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EXPECTATIONS Vs. REALITY The word Simulation, to mean generally, creating a Real-like situation for a given purpose. There are lots of adventures which cannot be undertaken easily in real life. But with the help of advanced technology in the world of virtual reality this is very much possible. At LekeVR we have range of advanced simulators, take you through the different types of adventures like Car and Motorcycle Racing, Flying, Surfing Skiing, Shooting, Gatling and what not. Advanced Simulators are created with real life effects of motions, vibrations, sound, visuals, gravitational force (popularly known as G-Force) and other surroundings. Together [...]

10 (Ten) Signs You Should Invest in VR Flash Racing

With the advancement of technology, every industry is modernizing its products to keep pace with the competition. Gaming industry is not an exception to it. Traditional games and rides are becoming outdated and the new Games Parks, Theme parks, Games Zones are becoming popular day by day. More particularly even in these kinds of parks and zones, virtual reality (VR) games are need of the hour. VR games are also very dynamic and keep on changing with the advancement of the technology and as per the need of players. One of the different kinds of VR games, Flash Racing Game [...]

The Anatomy of a Great VR Flight Simulator

LekeVR Flight Simulator is one of the mind-blowing products of our company, which comes up with very exiting features, giving its users an experience of flying a real Combat Aircraft. Flight Simulator has been made with an attractive hi-tech rocket style design, which gives visual effect to its users of having ridden on real aircraft. It has sturdy Rotating Lifting platform for standing of users and it has catchy wings. Blue LED lights fitted into the Flight Simulator; give it an appearance as if the flight is about to take off. Looking to the safety of its users, the Flight [...]

Best Modern High-interactive VR Shooting Gun Games to Play in This Year

Have you ever indulged in a Shooting Games where you feel like you are actually undertaking the battle with the opponents, having experience of real battlefield, 3D surround sound effects and vibrations and feeling of a winner? If not, then explore today our modern VR High-Interactive Shooting Gun Games. The High-Interactive Shooting Gun Games are played with the help of modern equipment like Machine Guns, Protective Armour,Head Gears, with in-built tracker and vibrators and the High Definition big display screen. These combinations of modern equipment provide the players a whole new experience apart from the traditional games or ordinary VR [...]

Feel The Excitement, Thrill In Vr Flash Racing Games

Come and have experience of whole new range of LEKE VR Racing products with advanced technology, hardware and software, which will not let you without filled up with excitement and thrills. The advanced technology has developed the products with personalized features like adjustable steering and seats, which give feel like driving one’s own Racing Car. The products are designed in such a way that a first-timer can easily hold on the products. The variety of paths fills up the user with excitement to experience new worlds. It increases the curiosity to drive him further more. It sometimes gives experience of [...]

The Benfits of Owning Virtual Reality Theme Park in 2020

Theme parks’ core business is to entertain, provide thrilling rides and out of the standard experiences. The theme park’s sector has been growing steadily in last few years. This growth can not be limited to more/bigger parks but rather to a diversified and innovative approach to the combination of attraction and rides. VR is strictly that innovative technology that may take pleasure ground operators into the subsequent generation and can deliver great entertainment and out of this world experiences. Well to begin from 3D simulators (or 4D, 5D, 6D … getting lost with all those Ds). VR will make the [...]

The Best Future Series of VR Motorcycle

Virtual Reality (VR) has been around for quite some time, with varying degrees of success. Most past attempts of making Virtual Reality go mainstream have resulted in failure, but thanks too Leke VR for pushing from a variety of hardware and software development producers it appears that the revolutionary technology is here to stay specifically for entertainment industry. Furthermore, as time passes, this platform only gets more advanced and complex. However, this technology stills comes at a price, and while it’s still prohibitively expensive for all but the most committed gamers, there are some developers that are experimenting with VR [...]

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