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 VR Bike – New breakthroughs in the game industry and the fitness world. Modern life, fitness has become a hot topic. But fitness is an ascetic practice, a lot of people fear deterred. Wireless VR bicycle kick “VR entertainment and fitness,” a new chapter, to achieve the perfect collision of fitness and high-tech entertainment.

  • Product name: VR Bike
  • Model: Leke VR-06
  • Voltage / Power: 220V/ 1.65 kw
  • VR headset: Deepon E3 (2K)
  • Movie QTY: 1pcs( 3pcs Scenes)
  • Playing time:3-5 mins
  • Weight: 128kg
  • Size:L300*W115*H190cm
  • CPU: Inter 7500
  • Graphic card : 1060
  • Memory card : 8GB DDR4
  • Memory card : 8GB DDR4

Product Features

More details and feature brings best experience

  • Control the speed by yourself: Experience through the footsteps to control the movement of the role, and can somplete the task in excise. So that players perfect into the game plot.
  • Break the traditional model, play freely: VR fitness bike featured with it innovative structure and openning design, make the player without any equitment to block and restraint, so that player can play it freely in the game.
  • 360 degree exciting cyclying game, support multiplayer mode: Buit-in cylinder to Simulated High-rise building in the game, sensitive to help keep any small movements, and let you get excitement and tension during extreme cycling
  • Small space: only 2 square meter requirement in space. you can put it in you home, only in this way can you ride and play game without going out.

Extreme Bicycle Games

We provide you 3pcs game, including High Altitude Cycling Game. As we all know, In reality, extreme cycling is exciting and cool, but the  high threshold and risk.Our vr bike will give you exciting and safety experience for extreme cycling.Video Screenshot as follow


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Five main products

Leke Cinema, Leke Explorer, Leke Motorcycle, Leke Space Shuttle, Leke Battelgrounds deliver highly immersive content with a versatile range of games and experiences that take virtual technology to a whole new level.

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As one of the leading VR solution provider, Leke VR has rich experience in VR site planning and design including VR Arcade, VR Center, VR Theme Park, VR cinema, VR solution for education etc.

We would offer you projects with the Layout and 3D Drawings according to your market, location, size of your place. We can help you occupy the market ASAP.

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