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Double Seats VR Chair

2 Seats VR


VR Cinema Chair is a interactive virtual reality platform, it is different from 5D/7D cinema, which consists of VR Headset, motion platform operated by cylinder, VR game content and All-In-One machine for operation.

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3D of Motion
360° vision
360° vision
HIFI speaker
HIFI speaker
All in one
All in one
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Advertisement Income
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LEKE VR Cinema Chair, a machine can give you a brand new virtual reality experience with specific motion platform. It consists of VR Headset, motion platform operated by cylinder, VR game content and All-In-One machine for operation. It gives customers an immersive experience of virtual reality. Content includes exciting game like “Roller Coaster”, horrible theme like “Eye of the Fear”, funny adventure like “Finding Demo”, etc.Anyway, you can have so much fun in here!

  • Product name: Classic VR Chair
  • Model: Leke VR-08
  • Voltage / Power: 220V/ 5.2KW
  • VR Headset: HTC VIVE
  • VR Headset: Deepon E3
  • Movie QTY: 94 (keep updated)
  • Playing time 3-5 mins
  • Weight: 551kg
  • CPU: Inter 7500
  • Graphic card : 1050 Ti
  • Memory card : 8GB DDR4
  • Hard disk : SSD 120G
9d vr Cinema-feature
  • All in one console: easy operation and with HD display.
  • Large space inside: suitable for most players.
  • 3dof motion system which provide good virbration when experience.
  • Faux leather chair: more comfortable,durable and easy for maintenance.
  • Self-developed LEKE software: easy for maintenance and management.
  • Massive content:All VR content cooperate with UK famous Listed company,exclusive!

Deepoon E3 VR Glasses

2K Fast-switch LCD Screen ( 2560×1440 / 70Hz )
High-grade Fresnel Lens
110°FOV & IPD Adjustment ( 54-74 mm )
Connection: HD + USB Data + USB Power 3 in 1 Cable
Game Support: for Steam VR / VR online / DK1 / DK2

More Clear and Stable No dizziness
Ergonomic & Adjustable head strap Design


VRLe Platform

It is an integrated management system exclusively developed by LEKE VR
and it already served more than 3500 vr parks in China.

vr game content distribution

Equipment Management

One-button shutdown, games content distribution,equipment management remote maintenance membership card system etc.

Massive VR Contents

Massive Contents

Professional rocket to produce video content and seat fit.Thousands of content available for online download.


Operation & Ticketing

Coupon for experience;Top up credits/card return;Card replenishment;Information inquiry;Account checking

Rich 9D VR Movies

We offer you 94pcs movies and keep updating every month. There are different theme of movies for your choose,
adventure, cartoon,horror, war, culture ect to suite all kind of customers.


We provide you one-stop solution vr theme park
and landing practice for customers.


Provide you with free shop consulting services


Planning equipment for your site


Create a visual 3D rendering of your project

Custom Made

Customize the appearance of the device


Equipment operation training for your employees


Give advice to your experience store


Continuous update of new games

After Service

Online after sales service

Five main products

Leke VR Chair, Leke VR Motorcycle / Car, Leke VR Space, Leke VR Theater, Leke VR Walker deliver highly immersive content with a versatile range of games and experiences that take virtual technology to a whole new level.

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As one of the leading VR solution provider, Leke VR has rich experience in VR site planning and design including VR Arcade, VR Center, VR Theme Park, VR cinema, VR solution for education etc.

We would offer you projects with the Layout and 3D Drawings according to your market, location, size of your place. We can help you occupy the market ASAP.

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