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VR Motorcycle

The Future Series Motorcycle

Leke vr motorcycle simulator makes players feel real motorcycle driving experience with a high-tech virtual reality system.

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  • Details of Motorcycle

The Future Series

VR Motorcycle

Leke vr motorcycle simulator makes players feel real motorcycle driving experience with a high-tech virtual reality system. You just need to press down a button and you can start your game easily. When the games start, you can feel the speed of the motorbike, the strong vibration of motor simulator and feel HD 360 degree vision. Multiplayer mode is also a competitive mode of vr motorcycle.

  • Product name: VR Motorcycle
  • Model: Leke VR-02
  • Voltage/Power: 220V/1.75KW
  • Weight: 470kg
  • VR Headset: Deepoon E3(2K)
  • Movie QTY: 3pcs(Keep updating)
  • Playing time: 3-5 mins
  • Capacity: 1 Players
  • CPU: i5 Inter
  • Graphic card : 1060ti
  • Memory card : 8GB DDR4
  • Hard disk : SSD 120G

Easy To Operate

Players can start games easily by pressing button. So you can hire less people that lower the cost of your store operation.

Deepon 2K glasses

Deepon E3 2K, it is more clear and stable, with a fast response speed which would not have delay problems. Players can enjoy better immersive VR experience.

3D of Hardware

3Pcs stronger and longer cylinders which have a good weight-bearing to make a good gravity sense and provide a better dynamic platform.

VR Motorcycle Game

Exclusive Racing Games

Cooperated with UK famous Listed company,exclusive!We provide 3 Pcs vr racing games, different cars and maps for choice.

  • High-tech and eye-catching motorcycle style design, more attractive
  • Unique way of Riding, bring you high speed racing experience you never have
  • Fiberglass shell material, enlarge seat to contributes to a race comfort for you
  • .Exclusive game content with different virtual track, very immersive.
  • Easy operating system, support multiplayer, play with your friend.


We provide you one-stop solution vr theme park
and landing practice for customers.


Provide you with free shop consulting services


Planning equipment for your site


Create a visual 3D rendering of your project

Custom Made

Customize the appearance of the device


Equipment operation training for your employees


Give advice to your experience store


Continuous update of new games

After Service

Online after sales service

Five main products

Leke Cinema, Leke Explorer, Leke Motorcycle, Leke Space Shuttle, Leke Battelgrounds deliver highly immersive content with a versatile range of games and experiences that take virtual technology to a whole new level.

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As one of the leading VR solution provider, Leke VR has rich experience in VR site planning and design including VR Arcade, VR Center, VR Theme Park, VR cinema, VR solution for education etc.

We would offer you projects with the Layout and 3D Drawings according to your market, location, size of your place. We can help you occupy the market ASAP.

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