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One-Stop VR Park Solution

Leke VR has become a comprehensive enterprise integrating product development, content customization, design planning and customer operation training, providing customers with one-stop solutions.

Success Case

Present your services with
flexible, convenient and multipurpose Native theme

Make one smart decision today so Future You is ready for tomorrow.

VrLe Planform
  • 24㎡
  • 40㎡
  • 60㎡
  • 120㎡

VR Park 24㎡

Size: 4m X 6m
Product: 1 x VR Kids Dinosaur / 1 x VR Racing Car / 1 x VR Gun Games / 1 x VR Bike / 1 x VR Chair


VR Park 40㎡

Size: 4m X 10m
Product: 1 x VR Racing Car / 1 x VR Bike / 1 x VR Chair / 1 x VR Space


VR Park 60㎡

Size: 5m X 12m
Product: 1 x VR 6 Seats 9D Cinema / 1 x VR Motorcycle / 1 x VR Racing Car / 1 x VR Bike / 1 x VR Skiing / 1 x VR Space


VR Park 120㎡

Size: 5m X 12m
Product: 1 x VR Space / 1 x VR Death Room / 1 x VR Motorcycle / 1 x VR Racing Car / 1 x VR Chair III / 1 x VR Skiing / 1 x VR Bike


One Stop VR Park

90 Days

VR Earing Plan

Build A NEW Business?
LEKE One-stop solution VR Theme Park is your best choice!
Now One-stop solution VR Theme Park is more and more popular, LEKE VR provide you professional solution including Free Evaluation, Professional 3D Image, Operation Plan, Technical Support, After-service, our trade sales manager will give you best suggestion about your project. So, please feel free to contact us!

Site Selection
As we all know, site selection is very important for opening a vr park, and it often directly determines the success or failure of the store. Therefore, we have a professional site selection department to provide you with advice in this regard.

Equipment Selection
The selection of equipment is also carefully selected. The equipment you choose should be suitable for the consumer groups in your local market, and the combination of equipment will make your venue attract more traffic.

Free 3D Layout Design
We are a VR theme park solution provider. We have design solutions for different sizes of location.Our professional 3D designer will design a satisfactory picture according to the situation of your site.So, please feel free to contact us!

Operation Training
About equipment installation & operation, we have detailed instructions for you to learn or our engineers can come to your country to install and teach your staff how to operate. In addition, you can also choose to sent your engineers to our factory to learn.

Operational Guidance
We will give you some suggestions on price negotiation, marketing strategy, store management, etc. according to your market and our existing success cases.With the mission of “Bring happiness to people, Create values for customers”, Leke VR will continue to help our clients grow.

After-sales Servies
We have a perfect after-sales team constantly tracking for the post-maintenance and after-sale service. We provide a 24 hour high-quality English online service. We will offer you installation, remote maintenance, movies updated and other services.

Looking for our

Successful case

As one of the leading VR solution provider, Leke VR has rich experience in VR site planning and design including VR Arcade, VR Center, VR Theme Park, VR cinema, VR solution for education etc.

We would offer you projects with the Layout and 3D Drawings according to your market, location, size of your place. We can help you occupy the market ASAP.



We have data to show that high quality games brings 50% more people to play.
Also, Leke VR is a game developer who can provide more than 250 pcs different kinds of games.
More and more content will be updated soon…

vr park games

VRLe Platform

It is an integrated management system exclusively developed by LEKE VR
and it already served more than 3500 vr parks in China.

vr game content distribution

Equipment Management

One-button shutdown, games content distribution,equipment management remote maintenance membership card system etc.

Massive VR Contents

Massive Contents

Professional rocket to produce video content and seat fit.Thousands of content available for online download.


Operation & Ticketing

Coupon for experience;Top up credits/card return;Card replenishment;Information inquiry;Account checking


We provide you one-stop solution vr theme park
and landing practice for customers.


Provide you with free shop consulting services


Planning equipment for your site


Create a visual 3D rendering of your project

Custom Made

Customize the appearance of the device


Equipment operation training for your employees


Give advice to your experience store


Continuous update of new games

After Service

Online after sales service

Five main products

Leke VR Chair, Leke VR Motorcycle / Car, Leke VR Space, Leke VR Theater, Leke VR Walker deliver highly immersive content with a versatile range of games and experiences that take virtual technology to a whole new level.

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