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VR Theater, 9D Cinema System

VR Theater

Theater Series

VR Theater is consist of many LEKE VR-Max Cinema, the quantity of VR-Max Cinema is based on your playground size, it is very flexible. VR Theater is a Professional management system, specifically developed for cinema.

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What is

VR Theater

VR Theater system from Leke VR is mainly working for offline cinema to offer complete solution for software, combining Cinema Control Management, Operation & Ticketing Operation, Cinema Equipment Broadcast Control Terminal, Content Cloud Data Management, and VR content action adaptation.  It is compatible with HTC, Oculus, Deepon, Pico, VIULUX, Pimax and other domestic and international mainstream heads. It can perfectly solve VR theater content and hardware adaptation, the content upload management, one-click broadcast, ticketing & fast consumable Product payment, multi-store member linkage management, cloud real-time data query, and other comprehensive needs, to offer VR cinema one-stop service.

Virtual Reality Theater Broadcast System

Broadcast System

Broadcast system can control every cinema chair with functions of play/ stop, turning voice up/down, reading progress bar and etc.

Movie Theater Self-service System

Self-service System

Customer are allowed to use self-service system when in need. It provides functions of self-order, self-select, online payment and etc.

VR Cinema Center Control System

Center Control System

Center control system can control all devices at the cinema, with functions of creating region, linking devices and its broadcast device, one-key switching, distributing content and etc.

VR Cinema Chair Motion Matching

Motion Matching

The motion is adjusted by professional staff with special devices. The motion accuracy can reach 60,000 degree, which is far more than other similar devices. It has more accurate and comfortable motion

Motion Chair

High dof motion chair supports 360 degree rotation, exactly simulates over 30 kinds of motions, such as turning forward, backward, left, right, falling, pitching, sweeping leg, pounding back, seats vibration etc.

VR Theater Case

LEKE VR Machine have been sold to all over the world and made many solutions and landing practice for customers.

Abundant VR Movies

There are over 20 movies has been released, with various kinds of Science, Fantasy Adventure, Love, History, Pop Science, Education, Horror and etc.

  • Product name: VR Theater
  • Model: Leke VR-26
  • Voltage/Power: 220V/1.6KW
  • Main Material: Fiberglass
  • VR Headset: Deepoon E3
  • Weight: 124 kg
  • Movie QTY: 20+ (keep updating)
  • Packing Size: W120*L120*166cm
  • CPU: I5 Inter
  • Graphic card : 1070
  • Memory card : 8GB DDR4
  • Hard disk : SSD 240G


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As one of the leading VR solution provider, Leke VR has rich experience in VR site planning and design including VR Arcade, VR Center, VR Theme Park, VR cinema, VR solution for education etc.

We would offer you projects with the Layout and 3D Drawings according to your market, location, size of your place. We can help you occupy the market ASAP.

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