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The Anatomy of a Great VR Flight Simulator

LekeVR Flight Simulator is one of the mind-blowing products of our company, which comes up with very exiting features, giving its users an experience of flying a real Combat Aircraft.

Flight Simulator has been made with an attractive hi-tech rocket style design, which gives visual effect to its users of having ridden on real aircraft. It has sturdy Rotating Lifting platform for standing of users and it has catchy wings. Blue LED lights fitted into the Flight Simulator; give it an appearance as if the flight is about to take off. Looking to the safety of its users, the Flight Simulator has strong base upon which the user can stand and operate it. It has real jet aircraft like design of engines, flaps and fins. Although the simulator has strong base holding on the ground but it has 360 degree-rotating platform, designed with the purpose to give its users a feeling of flying an combat aircraft hovering over the battlefield, flying in all directions and shooting abruptly. The user will feel the effect of G-Force while playing Shooting Games, as is felt in real aircraft.

The Simulator has Safety handrail to have firm grip and saves its users from falling off. It is loaded with Stop Device, Power Switch and Audio Equipment like real aircraft. The joystick and levers/gears of the Simulator are designed meticulously to give a feel like a fighter pilot flying the combat aircraft. Although the Flight Simulator has no cockpit as such, but the advanced VR Headset-Deepoon E3, worn by the users is loaded with features of visual effects like a real aircraft dashboard and front view from the cockpit while flying an aircraft.

The advanced VR Headset Glass allows users to move their heads and choose the options. While playing the Shooting Game, the interconnection of the joystick equipment allows the users to choose the targets by moving head and shoot the target by joystick simultaneously. Not only the visual effects, but the surrounding sound and vibrating effect will stun the users. The Flight Simulator while its trip, move up and down up to half a meter as per the interaction of the user. The Simulator has different VR Game Contents which can be chosen by the user. An attractive touch screen fitted into the Simulator, displays the options to the users to play the shooting games in different battlefields.

The design of LekeVR Flight Simulator is so flexible that different age group people with different physique can take the ride and play the games. All the aircraft lovers must try our Flight Simulator. Our company is master in designing and developing Flight Simulator as per the requirements of our clients.

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