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The word Simulation, to mean generally, creating a Real-like situation for a given purpose. There are lots of adventures which cannot be undertaken easily in real life. But with the help of advanced technology in the world of virtual reality this is very much possible.

At LekeVR we have range of advanced simulators, take you through the different types of adventures like Car and Motorcycle Racing, Flying, Surfing Skiing, Shooting, Gatling and what not. Advanced Simulators are created with real life effects of motions, vibrations, sound, visuals, gravitational force (popularly known as G-Force) and other surroundings. Together these features allow their users to experience the real life excitement and fun.

The Research and Development team at LekeVR keep on upgrading the simulators with minute details, so that users can have the highest fun. The professionals using real equipments may feel the difference between the Real Equipments and Simulators but the first-time users may not come to believe for few moments that they are working on simulators, since they are developed to perform near-real. For users LekeVR advanced simulators like VR Chair, VR Flight, VR Motorcycle, VR Cinema, VR Bike, VR Big Space, VR Skiing and many more products experiences are more than their expectations.

In our VR Theme Parks, there are number of advanced Simulators for players. LekeVR Chairs are designed so nicely that for few moments of sitting therein with the VR head gear, one will forget he is using a simulator chair, because of the surrounding effects; motion effects, visual effects and vibration effects are attached to it. Without sitting in the Roller Coaster, they will take you on the joyful ride. Those people have phobia of sitting in real Roller Coaster must try our products to have hands on experience. Similarly sitting in the Flight Simulator your wish to fly an aircraft will certainly come true. The amazing one is our 360 VR simulator. Sitting into this simulator chair, which is designed to rotate 360 degree, a person will have an experience to reach into the different world and even in the space. The advanced technology of sound, visual and G-Force effects will fill the user with the joy and excitement. Our Interactive simulators are coming with options to play different kinds of games like shooting, boxing, blowing things, which allow the user to interact with latest equipments as if they are facing the real opponents.

The simulators have multiple advantages like they can be used for playing games, advertising products through animated display and the most usefulness of simulators is to train the people in various fields with the help of our simulators. LekeVR is into the business of Designing, Developing, Commissioning and maintaining of tailor made simulators for its clients as per their requirements.

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